2907: Health Hole

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Health Hole
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Tycho and Gabe are playing Destiny 2, according to the newspost, a multiplayer role-playing shooter game. The first and last panels are scenes in game. Apparently Gabe has been injured in game and needs healing, and Tycho has a healing rift that's just the thing he needs. However, Tycho has chosen to call it a "cleft" rather than a rift, which sounds vaguely anatomical and makes Gabe feel uneasy. Tycho convinces Gabe to enter it anyway, and then doubles-down on making Gabe feel uncomfortable about it.


Tycho (in game): Dude, you're boned. Get over here and feel the power of my healing cleft.

Gabe: Yuck. And isn't it called a "rift"?

Tycho: I made it. I'll call it whatever the fuck I want.

Gabe: I will never get inside "your cleft."

Tycho: Oh, yeah? You gonna die over it? You'd love it in here. You'd love it more than anybody.

Gabe: There. I'm inside. It.

Tycho: Alright, now say something nice about my cleft.

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