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Pokemon NO Fest Part 2
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Continuing from the previous comic, this miniseries is mocking a court case in which players of Pokemon Go tried to sue the developers over an incident at "Pokemon Go Fest", when the service was unable to handle the large number of players all in one area.

Ash Ketchum is the main protagonist of the Pokémon anime. The attorney's mocking monologue is a play on the original Pokemon theme song and its lyrics.


Lawyer: You've called yourself... "a skilled Pokémon trainer." And yet you caught no Pokemon at the event, much less "them all." Isn't it true that Pokémon are shy, elusive creatures? Aren't some Pokémon difficult to catch, even with the best balls?

Witness: Look, dude. I don't...

Lawyer: Members of the jury. If I go fishing, and I don't catch any fish, I don't sue the lake. Ash Ketchum strove to be the very best. Catching them was his test. Training them was his cause. You, sir, are no Ash Ketchum.

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